Start Time - 8:00am

All kids (in their selected age group) will start with a run to spread them out before heading into the water for a swim,  then into transition to gear up for the bike leg (road closed) eventually finishing with a run along the lake (older kids heading into the forest) with and out and back single trail.


*Please note the swim (from ages 4-10) is shallow enough for kids who aren't confident in swimming to be able to run through the water. This event is focused on kids giving it a go. 

*We will look at the breakdown of ages prior to the event and make a decision based on entry numbers as to whether we start kids in waves for the swim. 

4 - 6 years, Swim 50m, Bike 500m, Run 500m.

7 - 10 years, Swim 100m, Bike 2km, Run 1km.  

11 - 15 years, Swim 150m, Bike 6km, Run 1.5km


Super Early Bird entries - To Be Confirmed

Individual $21.00

Early Bird entries - To Be Confirmed

Individual $26.50

Standard entries - To Be Confirmed

Individual $31.50


All kids will receive a bib number, and they must have the number associated with their name written on their arm. The number lets us know who they are and enables us to quickly find information like emergency details etc. 


There are no awards for the kid's event as the Kids tri focuses on having fun and giving it a go. All kids will receive a medal. 


  • Age is calculated from the age you will be on race day.

  • Event director’s decision is final, no appeal accepted.

  • Should you withdraw from the race you must inform an official.​

  • Ignorance of the rules will not be considered as an excuse.

  • Competitors must be 4 -15 years of age to compete in the event.

  • *For the 4-6 age group parents can follow alongside their kids but cannot interfere or get in the way of the event. 




  • Wetsuits are allowed.

  • General Swim:  No fins or swimming aids are allowed.

  • Swim caps are mandatory.

  • Mark your body with a permanent marker on your upper calf and upper arm prior to your race. These numbers will identify you as you come out of the swim and transition to your bike.


  • Mark your body with a permanent marker on your upper calf and upper arm prior to your race. ​


  • Attach your printed race number using the pins supplied (or using a race belt) to the front of your body (mid/low torso) or on your bike.

  • Racers shall complete the entire event on the same bicycle upon which the event was begun.  Your bike must accompany you throughout the duration of the bike course.

  • Drafting:  Drafting is allowed.

  • Race numbers must be worn.

  • Helmets must be worn at all times. (Helmets must remain latched until your bike is racked)

  • No riding of bikes is allowed in the transition area.


  • Your race number must be showing

  • Attach your printed race number using pins or race belt to the front of your body (mid/low torso).

  • Slower runners must move out of the way for the passing runner.


  • The transition for all categories will be located at Pine Beach.

  • The transition will be open from 7.00am.

  • Bikes are to be laid in your correct age group  category as indicated by the signage.

  • Bikes and gear left in the transition area cannot be collected until after the last competitor finishes the bike discipline at approximately 8.30am