SWIM 700M || BIKE 20KM || RUN 8.5KM



Start Time - 10.30am

The Long Course Tri is not for the faint of heart. This event is for those who are ready to step it up a notch and push the boundaries of their physical and mental strength.

Transition opens at 7.00am

E-bikes are not allowed.

All Long Course finishers receive a medal.


Super Early Bird entries - To Be Confirmed

Individual $90.00

Team $100.00

Early Bird entries - To Be Confirmed

Individual $100.00

Team $110.00

Standard entries - To Be Confirmed

Individual $110.00

Team $135.00


16 & over - Dispensation form

The swim starts directly out front of the Pine Beach Campground with a 1 lap (700m) swim. Participants run out of the water up to the transition area where they change from swimmer to cyclist.

Swim Course Map


Participants not wearing a helmet will be disqualified. 
Ensure you make yourself familiar with the course map and what you are getting into prior to registering. This bike leg is held on public roads

Bike Course Map


The run course is held on uneven single trail that encompasses the whole of Lake Taharoa. Trail shoes are recommended but not necessary. 

Trail Run Course Map


Male 1st 

Female 1st 


All Male   1st
All Female  1st
Mixed   1st


Male 1st

Female 1st


All Male   1st

All Female  1st

Mixed   1st



  • Team members waiting in the relay tent may wear their shoes 

  • Team members must wait in the transition tent to be tagged by team members.

  • Teams will be issued with a wristband that will act as a baton for the team event. Each team member must pass on the wristband to the next member of their team before they can begin their leg.

  • Swimmers are to tag their cyclist in the tent area prior to them putting on their helmet or collecting their bike from transition (shoes may be put on prior to being tagged).

  • Cyclists are to tag their runner in the tent area after racking their bike and helmet.

  • Runners must wear their race number high on the front of their torso or singlet.

  • One member of the team can complete up to two different legs for their and cycle, swim and run etc.

  • Swimmers and competing in the individual event may also compete in the swim/kayak and cycle as part of a team.

  • Individuals wishing to participate as part of a team will need to register in the team event category. 



  • Wetsuits are allowed.

  • General Swim:  No fins or swimming aids are allowed.

  • Mark your body with a permanent marker on your upper calf and upper arm prior to your race. These numbers will identify you as you come out of the swim and transition to your bike.


  • Mark your body with a permanent marker on your upper calf and upper arm prior to your race. ​


  • Attach your printed race number using the pins supplied (or using a race belt) to the front of your body (mid/low torso) or on your bike.

  • Racers shall complete the entire event on the same bicycle upon which the event was begun.  Your bike must accompany you throughout the duration of the bike course.

  • Drafting:  Drafting is allowed.

  • Race numbers must be worn.

  • Helmets must be worn at all times. (Helmets must remain latched until your bike is racked)

  • No riding of bikes is allowed in the transition area.


  • Your race number must be showing

  • Attach your printed race number using pins or race belt to the front of your body (mid/low torso).

  • Slower runners must move out of the way for the passing runner.


  • The transition for all categories will be located at Pine Beach.

  • The transition will be open from  To Be Confirmed

  • Bikes are to be racked in your correct event category as indicated by the signage e.g. course, long course, short course.

  • Bikes and gear left in the transition area cannot be collected until after the last competitor finishes the bike discipline at approximately To Be Confirmed


  • Age is calculated from the age you will be on race day.

  • Event director’s decision is final, no appeal accepted.

  • Should you withdraw from the race you must inform an official.​

  • Ignorance of the rules will not be considered as an excuse.

  • Competitors must be 16 years of age or older to compete in the event.

  • It is the racer's responsibility to maintain adequate hydration.  The organiser will provide hydration stations on the run.

  • Outside assistance:  Limited outside assistance is allowed by another athlete competing in the same event.  No outside assistance is allowed by any person not competing in the same event.  These include but are not limited to spectators, friends, family, volunteers, support crew, photographers, police or marshals.

  • Assistance is limited to tools, tubes or any item that would be used to repair a faulty part or damaged bicycle or water, food, or first aid.  Changing bikes is not allowed.

  • As an example: a competing athlete is allowed to give another athlete a chain tool or link or a complete chain.  A competing athlete can give another athlete a tire patch, tube or complete wheel.  But an athlete cannot exchange bikes with another competitor so that the competitor with the broken bike can simply continue without fixing the break.

  • Conduct:  Foul riding or running, unsportsmanlike behaviour or the use of profane or abusive language is grounds for disqualification.